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Ladder Co. 163 & Rescue Co. 4



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Father's Day Memorial
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Fathers Day is a day set aside for All Dads across

the world. This is the day to honor our Dads for whom

they are, what they do, for what they stand for

in our lives.

On June 18th, 2001

3 Dads were doing the job they loved,


These 3 Dads were the normal "everyday"

Dads, whom had a special purpose in life

as Firefighters. These 3 Dads were the

idols of 8 Children's' lives.

On June 18th, 2001 Fathers Day, Ladder Co. 163, Rescue Co. 4, along with numerous other companies responded to Fire in the Astonia Section of Queens NY.

At sometime into fighting the Beast, 3 Dads were taken away from their Families.


Two of those killed -

Decorated fire hero Harry Ford, 50, of Long Beach, L.I., and John Downing, 40, of Port Jefferson Station, L.I. - were standing outside when the wall crushed them.

The third, Brian Fahey, 46, of East Rockaway, L.I., was one of up to 30 firefighters inside. He was standing on the ground level when the floor caved in, and he plunged into the basement.

To the FDNY Fathers Day 3, Iowa 3, Worchester 6, Pittsburgh Valentine Day 3 & all our fallen Brother & Sister Firefighters,

You shall & always be sadly missed by all.


Dave Lightner FF/EMT.
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