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Brave Volunteers

By Ralph Allen

Scared, Cold, in pain,

the dust hasn't settled yet.

Pinned in, crying,

my clothes are ripped, red, and wet.

Lights, noise, and confusion,

all part of the night.

I'm going to die alone,

give up the fight.

Red lights are flashing,

mixing with blue.

A face appears at my window,

the face is you.

"You're gonna be all right"

is the first thing you say.

A reassuring voice,

someone wants me to stay.

You could have been home with family,

they need you too.

You worked all day at the job,

your sleeping hours numbered two.

But you went down the hall,

hoping your family is OK.

Now you're here with me and Death,

with comforting words to say.

No time for yourself,

no thought for your safety.

Later you may think,

your decision was hasty.

"Get the Jaws. Watch that gas;

Keep the people away.

Get his vitals, hose this down."

Some things I hear them say.

You stand in gas, look in my window,

show no fear.

I look back at you knowing,

your voice is the last I'll ever hear.

I fade away as you hold me,

while holding back your tears.

Thank you for being there,

You Brave Volunteers.