Sept 11th

Sept 11th, 2001

3 Years later.

Today, as The United States of America & all the Free World remembers the tradegic & horrific events that had taken place on US soil, The World Trade Center Towers, The Pentagon, & Shanksville, Pa on Sept. 11th, 2001.

We think about you everyday, every moment, every second. Innocent People going about their daily lives, working, visiting, going to school or just being normal INNOCENT people, when our lives were changed for ever. You were taken away from your families, friends, co-workers so suddenly.

You are now Angels among us, watching over us each & everyday.



To All my Brother & Sister New York City Firefighters, EMS & Police Officers 

who perished on 11 September 2001

You will NEVER be forgotten of your Courage, Honor, Heroism, Strength, Wisdom, Knowledge

to help save others on that fateful day at the World Trade Center.


"Going Home" mid. file provided by Bagpipes at  best.

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