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Playing with one of my "Favorite Tools"

Why do people such as myself do something like this?  Tradition runs deep within my family. The Fire Dept is a main tradition in my family along with being a Police Officer. I truly hope both Traditions stay within my family for future generations. I have had friends ask me "If I was crazy or nuts" for doing such a thing without pay.

No, I am not crazy, Insane or nuts. I enjoy helping others in their time of need. At some point in our lives, We all need a "helping hand" so in my eyes, I help as much as I can. Yes there are some people within the Fire Service that will say, "They got involved, just to blow off a red light or 2", Hit the Q2 siren at 3am to wake everyone up" and so forth. I will admit "I had a Rush" at one point when I first got involved, but as the years have gone by I realized I "got involved" for a better reason. To help others, & learn more. BECAUSE I CARE.

My Cairns Helmet cooked @ 1200*

ALL Firefighters have to be "a little crazy" for going into a "smoke filled building" or a "fully involved building" while everyone is exiting "stage left" In the meantime, not knowing the contents of what is burning, until they get inside. Simple reason, Because we care. 

The training is EXTENSIVE, GRUELING & LONG. Quality time is taken away from a family life, Family dinners are missed, Kids birthday parties, but We know deep in our hearts, Our Families understand "Why we do this & We know the support our families give to us".

To all the Firefighters' Families, You have earned my respect for all your support. To the Men & Women of the Fire Services around the World, My Helmet is tipped to you for such a fine job.

In August 2000, I had the honors of touring one of the Oldest Active Fire Boats. The Edward M. Cotter (Eng. 32) of Buffalo Fire Dept.

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I got "involved" within the Fire Service as of March 1980, and to date currently still hold the following Qualifications:

Fundamentals of Firefighting Allegheny Co. Pa 1980

Pumps Ops Pa Fire Academy 1982

Fundamentals of Firefighting Allegheny Co. Pa 1983

Fire/Arson Detection NFA 1984

Firefighter LvL 1 Pa State Fire 1985

Smoke Divers Allegheny Co. Pa 1988

EMS/HAZMAT Ops Pa Fire Academy 1989

Basic Vehicle Rescue Pa DOH 1989

Line Officers Training Allegheny Co. Pa 1990

Confined Space Rescue Pa State Fire 1990

HAZ-MAT Ops LvL Tech IAFF 1990

Emergency Vehicle Ops Pa State Fire 1995

Terrorism PFA, Dept of Justice 1996

Wilderness SAR Tech Pa State Fire 1997

Managing Co. Tac OPS Pa State Fire 1997

Pumps Ops Pa State Fire 2000

Advanced Vehicle Rescue Pa DOH/Fire 2000

High Angle Ropes Rescue LvL 6 Tech Pa State Fire 2000


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in between I have taken quite a few "Brain food" Classes, along

with various EMS Classes.

I am currently working on my Fire Science Associates Degree thru

Northwestern Pa Tech Institute of Erie Pa.

I am always learning something new within both the Fire & Ems. Education is the key to life.

Dave Lightner FF/EMT.
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