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Hey, is this a new way to fish?
"Resting" Upside down on Shades beach Cliffs.

I started off by getting involved with the Fireside of things 22 yrs ago

       thru a bet with my dad.  My "Adopted Dad" was a paid Firefighter with Forest Hills FD in the Pgh Pa Area.

My Grandfather served as a Firefighter and Past Chief of Liberty Boro Fire Dept &

Police Dept.   My Mom is a retired Police Officer for Allegheny Co. Pa.

  My dad (Rich) is a retired Paid Firefighter & Police Officer for

McKees Rock Pa.

And last but not least, My Great Uncle (Bill Schneider) who trains, breeds & raises German Shepards for SAR in Oregon.

I kind of added a twist to the "Family Tradition" by getting involved with the Ems side of things. My Family wanted me to become a Police Officer though.

As you see "Family Tradition" runs with my family.  

A special Thank You to my Family for having such a Proud Tradition and

Backing me 110% for my following of the same Tradition.

My son (David) has now chosen to  follow the "Footsteps" of our Proud Family Tradition by becoming a Jr. Firefighter with Forest Hills VFD. I back my son 110% as my family has in the past, to help the Residents of his community when the time is needed. I truely hope & pray my Daughter (Jacquline) follows thru and Gets Involved someday  :)  

My Wife  (Val) is also "involved" as an EMT/FF with North Braddock Vol. Fire Co. #3,  she has been doing this for the past 7 yrs.

And finally, for a Close Friend, Mentor & Brother Firefighter/Emt of mine. PeeWee, who passed away earlier this year. You are truely the BEST Mentor to have.

I do this certainly not for the money, but for the love of it. I enjoy helping others

when they are in their "Time of Need"

It takes a "Special" type of person to do this type of work, both

Paid & Volunteer.


Firefighter w/Child by Marilee


There have been alot of Friendships bonded thru the Years "Both inside & outside"

of the FIRE/EMS Services with me.  There have been times when I was not sure if

I was coming home, due to the Nature of the Call at that time.

I hear Fire Depts getting "Toned Out" for a Possible Structure Fire or a

"Unknown Type Call and I hope & pray Everyone comes Home every time.

I remember one call, A little senior lady was having real severe chest pains, as she

stated "Honey, this is the first time, I have ever Called for an Ambulance in my 82 yrs of

life. You guys are My Angel Crew. Thank You"

It leveled Me for a moment, Then I sat back and thought about what this lady had said before,

And came to realize This 82 yr old lady was right,

"We are all Angels in Disguise" both Paid & Volunteer for what We do.

Friendships that last lifetime

"Part of the BEST damn crew to run with"

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Dave Lightner FF/EMT.
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