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Thank you From A Fireman's Daughter

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With your heads held high you see the fire
and still you walk through the door,

When the last flames are doused and another home is spared
is it something you are always thanked for?

Another call comes in and you pull up to find
a twisted wreckage on the freeway,

So with your skillful hands you work so hard and another life is saved
yet again I wonder did a thank you come your way?

A small child is sick and with all the knowledge you have
you bring life to that tiny body again,

Did the Parents of that precious gift you gave back to them
forget to thank you my friend?

If you have never been thanked for every call,
Please let me thank you for those who never did,

I understand only too well just what those words mean,
I've known since I was a kid.

I watched my Dad come home after what seemed like weeks
in a child's eyes when he was away,

Sometimes he seemed let down when he did his best
and those few words no one did say.

There was no greater Hero to me than my Dad
and the life he chose to live,

I know the sacrifices families make
and just how much to others Firemen really give.

You go to a job from which you may never return,
So in my eyes a thank you is something you more than earned.

Though my Dad is no longer here, his stories of a life he loved
lives on forever in my heart and soul,

A Fireman's Daughter thanks you
for those who so often forget just how important in so many lives is your Role.

Be safe always ..........


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Dave Lightner FF/EMT.
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