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With in the Emergency Services Field, We see quite a bit of what life is about. The poems listed within my site are just a few of many others. It is a way for Everyone to express their feelings, get our frustrations out in the open & so forth.

Alot of People think "We are super-human" and that We can handle "anything & everything" because of the Job we do. We are not "Super-Human". In fact, We are human just as Everyone is. We have the same feelings, cry the same, scream the same and so forth Just like Everyone else.

There are quite a few of us whom have suffered & dealt with PTSD, (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) It can be VERY devastating to a FF, EMT, Paramedic, a Police Officer & their families also. Please when you have a moment of time, search thru the Internet and read some information concerning PTSD.

The following Poems were written by a very close friend of mine, whom along with myself had to deal with PTSD. "Jasmin" was a little girl who was killed by a Drunk Driver. "All Alone" was written by Debbie while going thru PTSD, and finally after learning to control the PTSD, "Lessons Learned from a PTSD Survivor" was written by her.

I truly hope you enjoy reading all the poems listed here in my site.


Dave Lightner FF/EMT.
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