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Face of an Angel

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They chase me throughout the night,

haunting me in my dreams.

Children in robes made so white,

with the sweetest faces I have ever seen.

A look of innocence within their stares,

their hands so soft, and small,

they lead me along a broken trail,

into a building that once stood tall.

This is a place where time stood still,

and where we had met one time before,

although a brief encounter, or fate by a chance,

its a meeting I will remember forever more.

Upon my knees, I entered into the gates of this man-made hell.

Over and around piles of rock, as I have now crawled inside,

all of my training now being applied.

Finding my way by feeling,

going where normally I would not be willing,

the sites I see bring no understanding,

of purpose or reason.

I, like others, stand in disbelief,

consumed with an overwhelming grief.

As the victims of a self-righteous hatred they may have fell,

to be carried out of this buildings shell.

Within our hearts they live on,

their memories will not pass, or be left alone.

Taken by their hands, the Lord shows them home,

to a place of peace, where no pain is known.

With this burden of grief we all must bare,

was placed one solemn moment the Lord and myself shared,

when I reached out for a child,

and Touched the Face, of an Angel.

Keneuk L. Helton

26 April 1996

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