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A Road for Jasmin

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A road was renamed today,
On the Fourth of July.
After a precious little girl,
That was too young to die.

I remember the scene like it was yesterday,
Yet it was two years ago.
How I wish that I could forget that
But for some reason I cannot let go.

You see, I was an EMT,
And was sent to save her life.
But her injuries were too critical,
And her life ended that night.

It was the result of
an adult that went too far.
He went to a party
and was much too drunk to drive a car.

But he drove that night anyway,
Even though he knew the possible cost.
Why didn't someone stop him,

So that precious little child would not have been lost?

We did the best that we could,
But it was all in vain.
And when we got her to the hospital,
My tears flowed down like rain.
So this road was renamed,
For that precious little girl.

Jasmin, I will never forget you.
You are forever a part of my world

Written by: Debbi

**WebMaster Footnote**

The poem is very true to the Heart. It was written by a close friend,
Whom did her BEST to help Jasmin.
Jasmin lost her life to a Drunk Driver
on July 4th, 1998 at 9:10pm

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