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These Photos are of my "Extended Family", Friends, Family, & Myself. Doing what We enjoy the most. "Please allow a few moments for these Pictures to load in place.

Don & Becky doing Fire Prevention

Becky & Don teaching "Fire Prevention"

 Me rappelling off Coopers Rd. Bridge

Myself coming off Coopers Rd Bridge

Joe rappelling off Shannon Rd. Bridge

Joe rappelling one of the "many" times

My wife resting at ropes 5 class

Val playing a "victim" for our Ropes 5 Class.

playing on the Big Lines again

Matt (back against camera) & Myself on a 2 1/2 Line


Who would think of calling 911 & seeing this Lively Crew

The Old Crew from DEMS:

FR, left 2 right: Kat & Val MR: Dan, Jim & Myself (Sunglasses) BR: Chuck


Frank on left, Myself on the right

Teaching my nephew Frank (on left) how to rappell.

Melinda on ground after her 1st rappell.

My Niece (Melinda) on her first rappell.

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Joe & Melinda Tandem Rappell, Myself on Belay.

Robin & Myself Tandem Rappell.

My Wife 

What a mug!

Matt on HCFD Eng. 224.

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Enjoying our honeymoon @ 6 Flags.

Val & I at Six Flags.

Flying Monkeys again!

Playing around on Shannon Rd. Bridge

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